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The 10 station, 13.4 km
Yerevan metro was opened in March, 1981. The line is currently being extended, and a second line is in the planning stages. Two of the 10 stations are above ground. Since photographs are illegal in the subway, it was almost impossible to locate a photo to display of this award winning metro. Suffice it to say that when it comes to former Eastern Bloc and FSU rolling stock, you may have seen something similar in the past.

Due to Yerevan's new minibus service,
metro ridership is dramatically down, from 280,000 to about 44,000.
\Yerevan Metro by elmada.

Yerevan also has a tram system which opened in 1906. It is in danger of being closed. According to one source, the tram system closed in January 2004. From several points, you can see Mount Ararat.

Yerevan, and Armenia in general, is known to be a bastion of
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