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Adelaide's remaining tram line originally opened for revenue service in 1929. The 10.8 km "City To Bay Tram" runs from downtown Adelaide to Glenelg beach on mostly private right of way. It is the only remaining tram in southern Australia. While the antique H-Cars may look a bit behind the times, they can still kick some major ass at 80 km/hr.

In 1979, the line nearly mutated into a premetro
subway, when a planned extension and test tunnel borings took place. Sadly, new politicians axed the plan and converted the new line into a busway, or O-Bahn. In July 2000, enroute to the Olympics in Sydney, the torch rode the tram from Glenelg to Morphetville. In July 2003, it was announced that the line would be upgraded to light rail. The new cars began to mutate in 2006, and the line was expanded to 12.5 km. In June 2008, plans were announced to extend the line to West Lakes, along with a second line from Semaphore to Port Adelaide. The 2.8 km extension opened in March 2010.  

A new line to West Lakes is expected to open sometime in 2013. Also under discussion are six new tram lines, ad an O-Bahn extension which would put the guided busway in a subway.

New Adelaide Light Rail

A commuter subway is also being considered for Adelaide.
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If you're in Adelaide, be sure to catch the 12 km world-famous
O-Bahn. And if you do check out the Big O, don't forget to bring the little lady

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TransAdelaide also runs commuter service in the area. Though it has nothing to do with subways, they've got some cool pictures of the Riverton commuter line which will give you a nice feel for the landscape.