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Melbourne has a 9 mile city
underground loop linking the city suburban network  In 2009, plans were announced to convert this network into a true city metro. On further examination, the newish network, which includes a new city tunnel, is more like plastic metro surgery on a commuter rail network.

Tram routes 96 and 109 run on separate ROW at higher speeds and are considered light rail. Melbourne has a huge tram network (about 240 kilometers), and is considering a partially underground maglev link between the airport and the city center. (June, 2001).

Melbourne's trams are divided into two parts - the
Yarra trams and Swanston trams.  Metlink Melbourne, a private operator of trains and trams worldwide, runs the Swanston trams, or M>Trams, as well as local commuter rail. M>Trams consist of 17 lines and 2142 stations, and serve the northern, western and southern suburbs of the city.

Yarra Trams run 11 tram lines in the eastern and northeastern sections of the city. Currently a 2.2 km extension is under construction, along with several station upgrades to full LRT status. As of November 2009. Yarra trams are run by

Melbourne's trams are also used on the Hong Kong Tuen Nuen LRT.

The first section of the current tram system was opened in 1906. The system currently extends 250 km of track and is an integral part of Melbourne's heatrbeat.

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