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The Vienna (Wien) subway opened in 1898, part of which was a private railway for the Kaiser.  It ran old steam trains, much in the fashion of the London tube. It was electrified in 1925, but much of the system was destroyed in the second world war. Technically, wien's U-Bahn opened for business in 1976, however, when actual tunnels were dug and sections of the streetcar system and the Kaiser's private railway were integrated into the new subway.
The system currently is 78.2 km long, with 5 lines and 104 stations. All lines are heavy metro except for line U6, which is light rail. Tram lines 6, 62, 18 and 65 and the
Wiener Lokalbahn, a interurban-style light rail line also known as the Badner Bahn, all share a 1.2 km tram tunnel. Vienna's airport also includes a subway station which is served by a local commuter train.

Three extensions totaling nearly 15 km are under construction. There is also considerable talk of resurrecting a former tram line to Bratislava.


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Wiener Stadtwerke Verkehrsbetriebe 
Erdbergstrasse 202 
1030 Vienna. Austria 
Phone: + 43 1 7909-100

Weiner Lokalbahnen
Wien tramway

Photos courtesy Gerald Kempel, trams at the Ustrab at Kliebergasse

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A cab ride on Vienna streetcar line 65