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Known as the City of the Winds, perhaps the Chicago of the FSU. this seaside metropolis' subway is known for it's really, really bad luck and it's poor headways. The latter is due to a shortage of cars and several sections of single track. The former is due to people with bombs and bad attitudes.

Opened in 1967, the Baku metro has 2 lines, 23 stations and 34.5 km of track, all of which is underground. Line 3 is under construction and
though expected to open in 2011, it has yet to be completed.

A blurb in Mass Transit mentioned that the Baku Metro's Azi Aslanov station in Greece was expected to open in the year 2000. It has been under construction for 18 years.

The Baku subway claims the honor of having the
world's worst subway accident, in which 300 people died of carbon monoxide poisoning. A bomb exploded in 1994, killing 14 people. So far, there have also been two terrorist attacks on the Baku metro. Hetai station was reopened in 2001 for the third time. The last closure was due seawater in the station and tunnels.

Baku's tramway system opened in 1889 and offers 76.6 km of fun track miles. No stranger to disaster, a tram recently jumped track and ran into a cafe. A 25 km automated light rail line is also
in the planning stages.

Bake also has a
funicular railway.

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There's something familiar looking about these metro cars.


New rolling stock features fromt loading entrances

2016 rolling stock, these "Vagonmashers" will be driven by Stuntman Mike