metro (planned)

In 2002, the Bangladesh Ministry of Communications "committed" to building a 32 mile monorail. Bids for the system, along with a 150 mile line connecting Dhaka and Chittagong,  were invited.

Experts from the Russian company Metrogiprostroy have also proposed a plan for building an underground metro in the city. T

Fast forward to 2012. Plans for an elevated 20.1 km metro line, MRT6, became much more likely, with funding by Japan arranged in March 2012. All talk of a monorail network disappeared, while land acquisition plans are already underway for the approved project. Construction was scheduled to begin in 2013 for a 2021 opening.. The actual ground breaking took place in 2016 with a 2019 opening date of the first phase..

Light Rail Transit in Dhaka by Dr. Md. Masud Karim
A Metro for Dhaka