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The Minsk Metro, built in 1984, has 2 lines, 29 stations and
35.4 km of track. Indications are that it is completely underground. A third line is under construction and expected to open in 2015..

On May 30, 1999, 53 people crushed to death in Niamiga Minsk subway station. Ironically, this same subway station was relocated when the system was under construction when an 11th century medieval town was discovered while digging. And, according to the Global Road Warrior, the Minsk metro is decaying, packed, and full of thieves at night.

In April 2011, a bomb went off in the Oktyabrskaya station where the two metro lines meet, killing seven and wounding 35 people.

Minsk is also home to the
Russian brides that many westerners seek. Many of these potential brides can be found in the metro.

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Minsk Urban Transport

Minsk got it's first tramway in 1892. There is currently 32.5 km of track covered by 10 lines.

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