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metro, Light Rail subway (pre-metro)

The Brussels metro has 59 stations, 4 lines and covers 38.7 km of track It sprouted up in 1976.

There are also 9 tram lines, many of which have been upgraded to light rail. The system includes several tunnel sections, including one in the central city, totaling 12 km underground.  Lines 3 and 4 of the Brussels metro are actually light rail lines sharing the central city subway but are sometimes referred to as the Metro.  A new premetro section is under construction, with stations and tunnels fit for the inevitable full metro service. A new full metro line is also scheduled to begin construction in 2012, and plans for automating Lines 1 and 5 have already been approved.

The first tram opened in 1876.

Metro photo courtesy Magnus Stomfelt

Photo courtesy of
Yves-Laurent HANSART

Avenue de la Toison d'Or 15 
1060 Brussels, Belgium 
Phone: + 32 2 515.20.00

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