planned metro

This sprawling metropolis is currently home to a world famous "surface metro."  What do I know, I've always called them buses.

In 2006, the city
signed a contract to build a partially underground 13.5 km monorail which was supposed to open for revenue service in 2006. No ground was ever broken, and in 2010, new reports surfaced that the first 22 km line of a 90 km, five line metro would begin construction some time that year.  Construction did begin, and an opening in time for the world cup in 2014 is envisioned. Nineteen km of the first line will run in subway and be built using the cut and cover method. The metro will run under and along existing Bus Rapid Transit lanes, which are currently saturated, with the sections running above the subway being turned into linear parks.

The project will be financed completely by government funds rather than loans.


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