São Paulo, Brazil

The São Paulo Metro consists of 5 existing lines, 2 under construction and another 2 planned lines.

Blue Line - 20.2 km, 23 stations  
Green Line - 8 km, 6 stations (11 km extension, 8 new stations under construction)
Red Line - 22.2 km, 18 stations
The Lilac Line - The line's initial stretch has 9.7 km  and 6 stations, connecting Capão  Redondo with Santo Amaro.  When finished, it will have 18.8 kilometers and 17 stations. The first stretch is expected to be opened in 2002.
Sky Blue Line (converted from existing rail)
The line was created by modernizing the stretch of CBTN commuter rail between Jurubatuba and Osasco, with the construction of seven stations, added to eight already existing ones, totaling 24 km.  This is the first line to exceed the limits of the municipality of Sao Paulo and integrate the south region of the city.
Orange Line (converted from existing rail, with the east section under construction, totally 22 km) is run by CPTM.

Under Construction

Yellow Line (13.5 miles, 14 stations, under construction)
The yellow line (line 4) will use a different technology (overhead wire instead of 3rd rail) and a different track gauge (1435 instead of 1600 mm) than lines 1 through 3.  Part of the new private initiative, when finished it will have 13.5 km and 11 stations.

Lines in Operation: 59.6 km
Extensions to existing lines: 2.2 km
New Construction: (Yellow): 23.2 km

Total: 125.5 km

Map with extensions and construction
Images of the São Paulo Metro


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