subway and tramway

The first line of this 38.6 km, 34 station FSU style metro opened in 1998.  Construction had stopped for quite some time, and the tunnels became havens for the homeless. Another series of curious reports refered to Roman and Byzantine ruins inside the subway.  The system is entirely underground with the exception of Obelya station, which is at ground level but enclosed.

Sofia's 11 km Line 2 opened in August 2012. It is mostly underground, and features 11 stations, two of which were built in the 1980s. The line is realistically an extension of Line 1, but Line 2 may just sound better. Only one station, Lomsko Shose, is above ground, part of a covered metro bridge.

In late 2015, Sofia added a 6 station, 7.2 km extension to Line 1, which serves Sofia's northern section and it's airport. Two of the stations, including the airport terminal station, are above ground.

Line three will be a 16 km subway whose construction will be managed by Metroproekt Prague. Construction began in January 2016. There will be 11 underground stations and 8 above ground. The line is expected to open in 2018. Unlike Lines 1 and 2, power will be obtained through pantographs.

Obelya Station on Sofia Subway

Sofia's tramway system, built in 1901, extends 222 km. It is Bulgaria's only tramway system. It operates both on street and on private right of way.

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