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Montreal's 4 metro lines total 66 km and 65 stations. The system was opened in 1966 and is completely underground.

The Montreal Metro was the first metro in the world to run completely on rubber tires. Because of Montreal's severe winters and the system's unusual design, the system is entirely underground. The only place in the system where the cars ever see light is at the connecting tracks between metro Parc and Sauvé, where apparently they are blinded by the sun's rays and retreat screaming into the darkness of the tunnels.

Three extensions are planned by 2020, including a 6 km extension to Anjou..

A 12.9 km light rail line is in the preliminary design stages. It would run along Park Avenue through the Mile End neighborhood, from the Jean Talon Metro station to Old Montreal. Another light rail plan under discussion is a link between Montreal and Brossard over the Champlain Bridge. The 2007 South Shore project, as many know, was murdered.

Montreal Streetcar rendition
In August 2009, a streetcar project was also proposed.

A tourist monorail has also been suggested for Montreal, but the proposal has not been approved.

This is the Expo 67 rapid transit line, an elevated heavy railway which served Expo 67 and Man & His World, the subsequent exhibition. It was executed shortly after the exhibit closed.

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