Viņa del Mar (Valparaiso)

Light rail system planned, Commuter Rail

A light rail project was announced in
1999 but did not materialize. Not to be discouraged, the city still has hopes for a tram system. As of May 2011, it was actively planning it's new tram system.

Sometimes referred to as a metro, Conceptcion is home to the tren urbano known as the Biotren. It's etymology is unknown, but its thought the name comes from the fact that it carries biological materiels, such as human beings and the bacteria they carry. Biotren is above ground and uses heavy rail rolling stock.. Opened in 2006 as part of a merging with two older railroad companies, it has two lines and 16 Biostations, also hosts to thousands of tons of active biological materiel.


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Youtube Line 2 cab ride

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