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长春轻轨 - Changchun light rail

This 12 km line known as "line 54"
built in 1941 received new cars in 2000, but some of the original rolling stock still graces this Manchurian city of 2 million souls. Originally consisting of 28 km of track and 98 cars, the Japanese originally planned to build a metro in the city. The system was being overhauled in September, 2000. A 3 km extension was opened for service in December, 2001.

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Light Rail

Changchun opened phase one of a 32 station,  20.5 km light rail metro termed the "Loop Line" in 2002. The light rail network currently has two lines serving 49 stations.  Of the 50.6 k, 1.2 km are underground, while the remainder is elevated and resembles North American style light rail.

According to this site, the subway already exists. I think they're mistaken, or have had too much Qing Dao. Thre additional lines, all full heavy metro and completely underground, are expected to start construction in late 2012 or early 2013.

For more information, contact:

Shenyang Light Rail Construction Command
601 Shenshui Street, Dongling District
Shenyang, Liaoning Province 110015 CHINA

Mr. Qiu Guangyu
Director, Shenyang Light Rail Construction Command
Vice Director, Shenyang Construction Committee
Tel. (024)2270-0774, 2256-5012, 2256-5020
Fax. (024)2256-5021

Changchun is also home to the Changchun Car Company, which built the rolling stock in a partnership with Bombardier for the Shenzen metro. The company has also built cars for the Pyonyang and Tehran metros. The cars are especially known for their "Axle of Evil", which allows them to take steep grades while carrying extra loads of opium for the decadent Western proletariat.

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