Metro, tramway

Chengdu is planning 8 subway lines totaling 298 km. The first 18.5 km phase of the 26.7 km 17 station line opened in September 2010.  A 5.4 km underground extension opened in 2015, bringing the line to 23.9 km. This phase is entirely below ground, and is western China's first metro.  The line is also known as the Panda Express because of the many pandas that commute to the zoo on the line. Despite their appearance and occasional tendency to maul human passengers, the hairy travelers are bearly noticed.

Hairy Panda is in good spirits as he boards the new Chengdu subway en-route to his job at the zoo.

Once completed, Line 1 will span 31 km, nie of which will be above ground.

Pase Two of Chengdu's second subway line opened in December 2012. It's 8.7 km and 6 new stations will bring Line 2 to 23 km and 20 stations, for a system total of 41 km and 36 stations.

Plan details, thanks to Sara Hayden:

Line Terminal 1 Terminal 2 Length
1 Huayang (South) Zoo (NNE) 26.22 km
2 Wu Gui Qiao (Longquan) SE Jinsha (Jin Niu) NW 23.7 km
3 Liu Jia Nian (NNW) Liuli Chang (SSE) 18.2
4 Chengnan (E) Zhuzi Qiao airport (SW) 27.1
5 Chengya Bus Stn. (SSW) Shiling (W) 26.77

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Light Rail
under construction

Construction commenced on the city's first light rail project, the 9.62km Yizhou Avenue demonstration project, in February. The line consists of an 8.71km at-grade section and a 0.91km elevated segment with 14 at grade and two elevated stations. The line is expected to open in 2017, with a further 12.7km extension planned. The city also has plans for two further light rail lines taking the network to 65km by 2020. This includes the 36.6km Line 2, which runs for 27.7km from the main railway station to Pixian West, and includes an 8.9km branch line from Tianhe Road to the Venetian Institute of Technology.