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Work began on December, 2000 on the first line of the for this eastern Chinese city. The 18 km Line 1 opened in 2005. Running north-south across the city centre, Line 1 has 13 stations, 9 of which are underground. In May 2010, Nanjing's east-west 38 km
Line 2 opened, bringing the total system length to 85 km and 37 stations. Work on Line 3 started in January 2010. This new north-south line will be approximately 40 km long with 28 stations. A 600 km metro network comprising 17 lines is envisaged in Nanjing by 2050

, however, are still forced to ride the bus.

There is currently a
ban in the subway on "food, beggers, entertainers, pets, balloons, and passengers who strip to the waist or do not wear shoes."  Which in this writer's opinion takes half the fun away from riding the subway in the first place. I mean, if you can't enjoy the sight of topless passengers or the sweet gusts of subway urine, you may as well take the friggin bicycle. The most controversial part of the ban is the food restriction. The Nanjing metro authority is considering lifting this part of the ban, but claiim they are concerned about getting stains on the new subway. We at have consulted our most knwoledgeable resources in this area, our mothers. They recommend to the Nanjing metro authorities that the seats in the rolling stock and furniture in all stations, as well as turnstiles and ticket booths, be covered in plastic sheets. Anyone but the maids removing these plastic sheets would have the option of being fined or getting a spanking, a violation some may look forward to.

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Catenary free trams began running on Nanjing's streets in July 2014. Two lines totaling 17 km, began construction in December 2012. The second line, partially elevated, is expected to open in late 2015. The system uses Bombardier trams with Primove traction batteries.