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A 31 km subway was under construction and scheduled for completion in 2005 in this city whose name marks the famous beer. According to this
site, one subway station was finished in 1995. Another site also says "The terminal of Qingdao Subway Line No.1, Moshuihe Station, lies at east side of Rd. Zhongcheng."

The reason? Quingdao did indeed begin building a subway in the 1990's, but construction was halted due to financial shortfalls. Quingdao's 27.9 km metro finally broke ground in 2009, .with a scheduled opening date of 2014. The first 12 km pf Line 3 finally opened in December 2015.

P.S. The beer is REALLY good.


In March 2016 Quingdao
opened an 8.8 km hydrogen cell fueled tram route.