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Shanghai (which means "on the sea"), is China's largest city with over 20 million people. Its subway has grown from a single subway line in 1995 to twelve, 303 total stations and 468 km as of October 2013. Accoring to Railway Gazette, the April opening of Line 10 has made it the world's largest metro. Regrring to length, of course, as opposed to width.

The overall plan, to be completed in 2025, calls for twenty two lines spanning 877 km.  Note that in Asia, an LRT line is considered in the west to be an elevated Metro, while tram lines in Asia are called LRT in the West.

In an argument during the Line 9 and 11 grand openings, two Line 1 cars got into an argument over whether they were metros or light rail.  Fisticuffs ensued. Despite the vehicular disagreement, a good time was had by all. 

Talk about an ambitious transit project!

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    Light Rail

    This is sometimes referred to as part of the subway, and is known as Line 3, the "Pearl Line", or the Mingzhu light rail. The 25 km long line went into trial operations in 2000, and opened for revenue service in 2001. Traversing mostly the outlying areas of Shanghai, the 19 station line looks like a backward Lamed. During the grand opening, this car sported the lucky red ribbon, which purportedly will bring good fortune to all who ride the line.

    Phase two of the line was completed in 2004. The eventual 62 km line will be completely above ground. It's been described as the "suspended light railway", but I think they meant to say "elevated" as construction is going full force. Power to the People!


    Shangais Zhangjiang tram uses the French Translohr technology. It opened in 2010 and is 10 km long with 15 stations. A 10 km extension is currently in progress.

    Songjiang district plans to build six tram lines by 2020. The two first lines, T1 and T2, are scheduled to open by 2017. The two lines will have a total length of 31 km with 42 stops, and are predicted to carry 173 000 passengers per day. According to Alstom, Shanghai plans to build an 800 km tram network by 2020.

    In the Qingpu district, design of a 5.2km northern line with 12 stations and 9.2km southern line with 18 stations are underway and will serve the downtown area. In the Xuhui district, which is situated in the city center, a 13km line will be built along the west bank of the Huangpu River between Nanpu Bridge and Xupu Bridge. Construction is expected to start in 2017.

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    Shanghai's maglev broke ground in June, 2001 and opened in 2003. The 29.8  km line will run trains at speeds as high as 430 kph between the airport and the city center. The line is considered an experimental phase of an eventual 1300 km network linking Shanghai with Hhangzhou and Beijing.

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    People Mover
    Shanghai also has a 650 meter underground
    people mover which runs through a pedestrian tunnel.

    A 6.6 km peoplemover
    is also expected to open in 2017. The 6 station elevated line will be completely automated and wiill connect Metro Line 8

    Mall Metro

    Not to be outdone by anyone, Shanghai opened the first Mall Metro at the Red Star Macalline Mall. The line serves six floors and is the first of its kind in the world.  It opened in June 2008.

    Sightseeing Subway

    Continuing it's foray into the bizarre subways domain,.most people who take the Bund Tunnel Sightseeing subway feel, well,
    Shanghied. Whatever you do, leave the acid at home or this freaked out disco could put you in a Shanghai mental asylum.
    Youtube video
    - you have to see this!