New Regulations Published for Suzhou Metro Lines: No Bikes, No Pets
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Line one of the 24 station, 25 km Line 1 opened in April 2012.  
A second 26 km 22 station Line 2 opened in 2013.  The finished out system - is there really sucjha thing? - is expected to be 141 km.

Two of the Suzhou subway lines
will link up with the Shanghai metro's Lines 2 and 11, making it the first subway in the country to link systems of two major cities.

Light Rail

Six new light rail lines covering nearly 116 km are planned forSuzhouís High-Tech Zone. The new lines will connect the western parts of Suzhou with the central city.

Line 1 from the Suzhou Amusement Land to Ecological City opened in October 2014. The 18.8 km 17 station line is mostly at grade and connects with Metro lines 1 and 3 and passes through White Horse Valley and Taiyangshan National Forest Park. Rolling stock  is made by the Suzhou New District Tram Company.

Line 3 is expected to open in 2017.

Suzhou opens first subway (next to Starbucks)
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