Wuhan's first 10.1 km, 10 station elevated metro section opened in September of 2004. Future lines will be mostly in subway. In July 2010, the line opened a new section, more than doubling it's size to 28.9 km and 25 stations. Line 2 is opened in 2012, bringing the system length to 57 km with 42 stations. Construction of the 28 km Lines 3 is under construcion and scheduled to open in 2015, adding 63 km to the system. A 12 line, 530 km system is planned.

System opens
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Approval announcement from the Central Government
Tunnelbuilder talks in February 2000 of a 25 km rail line in Wuhan, with a 19 km underground section and 17 stations
Feasability study for Line 4 approved