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Line 2 of the ancient city of Xi'an's subway opened in September 2011. Of the 26.4 km, 20 station line, 2.9 km is above ground. In preparation for the line's grand opening, 14 trains, already crowded with anxious commuters, arrived in Xi'an in July 2011.

Under construction is the first section of the 50.5 km Line 3, which was scheduled to open in 2015. When finished, the system is expected to have 6 lines totaling 251.8 km. By 2040, the system could very well stretch over 600 km. And, three new lines were announced in 2016.

When visiting the Xi'an subway, please remember that any "froclicking about", "tomfoolery", "messing about willy nilly", or "making a bloody racket" could be punishable by death. These regulations were justified based on the Toomfoolery Laws passed during the 13th dynasty by Emperor Mai Kakadoodi.

Xi’an Imposes New Transport Rules: ‘Frolicking’ Forbidden in Subway

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