There is no true metro in Croatia, though many residents refer to the local commuter railway as "the Metro". The Zagreb - Rijeka line also resembles a metro. There also appears to be a plan for a new metro, but nothing has yet been done.

According to the LRTA's system list, Zagreb operates 51.4 km of tram track.

The following photo and stats were graciously offered by Dejan Vuletic of Zagreb.

Public transport in Zagreb:

    The ZAGREBAČKI ELEKTRIČNI TRAMVAJ (ZET) is a public transport enterprise which has a very long tradition in transporting. It started back in the late 19th century with its first horse tramway, so the year 1996, was the 105th anniversary of the ZET. the first electrical tramway begin service at August 18th. 1910.

Zagreb as a capital of Croatia and as a commerce, industry & cultural center extends over 1200 square km. It accounts for about 900 thousand inhabitants with about 300 thousand employees, 200 thousand pupils & students, 190 thousand pensioners.

The ZET operates two major networks: bus & tramway, to which must be added the Funicular to the Upper Town (106 years old), and Cable car that takes tourists to the nearby mountain.

In 1996m the ZET represents its 4627 employees: 1737 bus & tramway drivers, 962 administration staff, 1928 maintenance. (In May 1998. : 4946 employees)

ZET represents over 250 tram cars and 172 trailers running along 187 km of light rail track and servicing 212 stations, close to 315 buses that run along 1240 km of routes punctuated by 947 stops. All of this contributes to some 181,2 million journeys per year.

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Zagreb - Rijeka line courtesy Siniša Abramovic