Photos Courtesy Heinz Buehler

This 181 mile line from Havana to the port town of Matanzas has 3 branches from the sugar refining town of Hershey and includes 6 lines. It was opened in 1916 and remains Cuba's only tramway. Indeed, it is the only surviving tramway in the Caribbean.  In 1999, the tramway was extended into Havana's La Coubre station . Due to cost considerations, no new track was laid, nor were any wires strung: the cars are pushed on an old railway track with a diesel locomotive. With the closing of the sugar refinery in 2002, the fate of this interurban tramway is uncertain.

There is also mention of Havana creating it's own full metro as well as a light rail system. So far, the only urban transit steps Havana has taken involved ordering 1.5 million bicycles from China.

Cuba is also home to many railbuses. At one time, the city had it's own elevated urban railroad, but evidence of the line has all but disappeared.

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