Copenhagen (København)
metro, light rail planned

The Copenhagen Metro

The Copenhagen metro, also known as the
mini metro, opened in October, 2002. The two line, 22 station metro covers 21 km and serves the Copenhagen airport as well as the metro area. All trains are run by computer and so are completely driverless.

A second ring line is now
under construction and scheduled to open in 2018. Two additional lines have been proposed. And, a 28 km tram line running adjacent to busy Ring 3 Road is expected to be in operation by 2020.

The city is also served by a 170 km commuter rail network which has one underground station in the central city.

Youtube Ride

If you have any phobias about riding in tunnels, you can relax as the Copenhagen metro tunnels have been
blessed by priests: a certain assurance of complete future safety.

A 27 km ring metro has also been preapproved, with official approval expected in late 2013. Following approval, there will be a further waiting period while the approval is then OK'd, after which the verification phase will begin.

Copenhagen is also in the process of planning a light rail line, or Letbanen with 28 stations.. Funding for the Letbanen was put into place in early 2011

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