This page is dedicated to Doppelmayr

Being an avid train enthusiast, I asked Doppelmayr to send me some information on their systems. Not only did they send me gobs of fascinating literature, they even sent me a video. Now that's class.

Here are a few images from their literature. I hope you enjoy them.
 Bourg-St. Maurice-Les Arc
A 2.9 km railway built in 1988
 Carmelit Subway, Haifa
A 6 station 1.78 km subway in Israel
 The 1.6 km Peak Tramway in Hong Kong
The Gipfelbahn in Kaprun Austria runs from the slopes to a Panoramic restaurant on the top of the glacier. Nearby is the underground funicular, the Gletscherkaprun. * Closed, see notes
 St. Jean-St. Just
A .79 km funicular subway in Lyon, France
 Wellington Cable Car
The .6 km cable car in New Zealand was built in 1979
 The Metro Shuttle at the Circus-Circus Casino in Las Vegas, city of casinos and APMs
 The Primadonna APM at Whiskey Pete's, Las Vegas Nevada
The Cable Liner on it's test track at Doppalmayr's headquarters in Wolfurt, Austria
A drawing of the new Clarion Hotel monorail/APM 
A Cable Liner at a switching station at Doppelmayr's headquarters

* On November 11, 2000 a fire broke out in the Kaprun Gletscher funicular, destroying the railway and killing 155 people. There are no plans to rebuild it.