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Metro, tramway

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Helsinki's metro is the most northern merto on our globe. It runs 21 km with 17 stations, some of which are on Line 2, a branch off the main Line.  Because additional lines were planned but never built, ghost stations exist on the metro stations at Kampii, Hankeneimi, Kaisaniemi, and Munkkivuori, where a pair of escaltors behind a photo shop in the mall lead down to a subways station that was never built.

A new West Metro (Lansimetro) is under construction. It will add 13.9 km and 7 stations, all underground, to the existing line. The opening date is scheduled for 2015.

Arto Hellman was kind enough to send me this photo

Metro-train series 100, built 1980-1984, numbers 107-184, owned by Helsinki City Transport (municipal). Gauge 1524 mm, electrification 750 V d.c

More photos from Arto include articulated tram number 96 outside Vallila-depot. Built 1973-1975 and 1983-1987, there are 82 such tram cars in Helsinki. Maximum speed is 60 km/h, gauge is 1.0m, with four double-doors.

Here is the "Sporakoff" restaurant car. Originally built in 1959 and rebuilt 1985, it even has a bathroom.

Thanks Arto!

Tramway (Spora)

Opened in 1893, the Helsinki tramway network has an electrification of 600 V d.c. Line trackage is 89.61 km and total track length is 103.85 km.  Several tramway extensions are planned along with three new lines and a light rail line in Laajasalo.  Currently, Helsinki's spars run along the street as opposed to a seperate, dedicated right of way.

Besides having the distinction of being the world's most northern tramway network, Helsinki's trams also bear the distinction of possessing the ability to predict the personalities of individuals and their futures. This ability, discovered in 1980 by Finnish professor Neils Mustelin, is known as "Sporalogy".

Depending on the placement of trams along the network at the time of a person's birth,  that person's personality traits and indeed entire future can be revealed. While it was previously thought these abilities were attributable to planets and constellations, Mustelin discovered that the trams, being so much closer to the earth than the planets, had a much grfeater influence over a person's future.

A few M2000 cars courtesy Mr. Juhana Nordlund

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