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The following photos were graciously sent to me by HKL. Write them, they'll send you lots of cool stuff, even a cut out metro car that you can put together yourself!


In 2011, a 14 km western extension to Helsinki's metro was approved by the European Investment Bank.

Ruoholati Station
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Kaisaniemi Station
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Vuosaari Station (Opened September 1998)
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Trams in Helsinki

Helsinki's first tram opened in 1891. conversion from steam to electrification began 9 years later. For those who are incapable of doing simple math, that would be the year 1900

Helsinki has 12 tram lines covering 110 km, including the Pub line, which allows you to get drunk while enjoying the smooth ride and frequent starts and stops. Also  of note would be Line 6, the naughtiest of tram lines and the stand-up comedy tram (seen below).

Most of the system is street running, although there are a few light rail style (Sörnäinen) sections as well as plans to develop light rail lines.

The network's
most recent addition was 4 km of track added to Line 9 in August 2012.


Light Rail

2016 brought approval of a proposal to replace a bus line from Helsinki to Espoo with a 25 kn light rail line


Also of great significance is the tram systm's ability to predict a person's personality and future events through Sporology.  From the Finnish word "Spora" meaning tram, significant events in one's life can be discerned through the movements of the city's trams and their placement. For example, the Red Line, which rules my tramscedant, was unloading passengers at the city jail at the exact moment I was born. Many years later I was put in jail for "unloading" in front of that same city jail. Coincidence? I think not!

Sporology is said to have been discovered by a professor who frequented the Pub Tram.

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