Nancy (Nanceienne)

Light Rail-Bus Hybrid (TVR)

Nancy was the first city in France to feature the rubber-tired guided tramway, which has the ability to operate as a tram (guideway), a trolleybus (no guideway, trolley-wires), or bus (just plain diesel) Nancy had hoped this feat would earn it some respect to the cat calls "Nancy boy!". Alas, it was not to be The 11.4 km system opened in 2000, and closed three months later due to persistent technical problems which were so severe, the line did not reopen until  2002.  As one might suspect, the majority of it's route is street running

One could wonder why the persistent derailments which helped cause the closure were considered a problem. After all, with the ability to run as a diesel bus or trolley, couldn't the tram it just keep on going in it's "morphed" state?

Due to the technical problems, plans for additional lines and extensions have become a bit fuzzy. Heck, lets be honest. Any new plans to invest further in this problem technology are beyond fuzzy, they are dark and foggy.

TVRs (in English GLT for Guided Light Transit) are also used in Caen, where they are also known to suck.

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