The Freedom Ship

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OK, this one's pretty weird. I read about it on Blickpunk Strassenbahn and thought it would be kind of cool to check out. BS called it a Metro on a ship.  The people involved with the project are calling it a tram. I have no images yet but I'm still working on it.

Emails about the project I've received:

> On the ship trams, I don't know of the details.  The trains pictured in Popular Mechanics looked a bit oversized for the application.  I > may be on the project as an engineer.  If so, I am interested in working on the rail system, among other things.

> Later, Mike Doty

> Thank you for your interest in Freedom Ship.

> I did a quick check of your web site and it seems that Freedom Ship's approach to transporting people would be an interesting addition > to your site.

> The following information is from our newly redesigned web site.

>From our "Onboard Living" page

> People Movement
>     Because of the ship's size, a system of free (at least to  residents), electric-powered trams will operate 24 hours a
> day, moving people along the length of the ship. Paths will  be set aside for 2- or 3-wheel bicycles, for residents' use.

> More details will be available as the project moves closer to completion.

> You are invited to join the discussion section of our site.  Your experience in people moving would be a welcomed addition.

> Another web site that might be of interest to you is:

> The discussions at Ship-World cover a number of interesting topics about Freedom Ship.

> Again, thank you for your questions about Freedom Ship.