Special Thanks to Michel Azema in Paris who helped me with leads for this page.

All links listed are also listed in the page for their respective countries. To be placed in the list, the funicular railway must be at least 20% underground.


Another Austrian glacier subway
Read about the Kaprun subway tragedy

  • Gletscherkaprun
  • Gletscherkaprun


    The new glacier express - the longest underground tunnel course of the world - brings you in only 8 minutes in the middle inside in the ski and sport arena to Moelltaler glacier.

  • Mölltaler Gletscherexpress
  • Mölltaler Gletscherexpress

    Pitztaler Glacier
    Yes, glacier subways are becoming more popular and there are now three of them (as far as I know) in the world: the Serfaus dorfbahn (village train), the Alpine Metro (Saas Fe, Switzerland), and now the 3.2 km Pitztaler Glacier Express.


  • Serfauser Dorfbahn  - very little on this subway  linking Serfaus and other ski resort towns built in 1985.
  • Michel Azema's fine set of pages on the Dorfbahn, the smallest subway in the world (1.28 km). Fascinating!


    Les Deux Alpes (1989, POMA)
    tunnels under the Mont-de-Lans glacier and operates with a single loop of cable

    Loire Region
     La Mine Bleue at Noyant-la-Gravoyère (Maine-et-Loire), is a completely underground funicular in an old slate quarry.
    Contact: BP 10, F-49780 Noyant la Gravoyère, Tel :

    Saint Jean-Fourvière

    Nothing on the subway yet but Rocamadour is beautiful.

    Note: Apparently there is no true subway. Here's an email I received about the "subway" from Martyn Arnold:

    I think that would be the lift system to get people to the higher levels without too much leg-work.  It's just a utility, rather than a means of entertainment.  I haven't used it, but I noticed that there was a pair of standard elevator doors directly above each other, on different levels.

    There is also a guy who drives a little toy train up and down the main street taking people on tours, but that's hardly a funicular!

    Funicular subway
    A short page about the 3.4 km Le Perce Neige "glacier metro", plus a map of the resort town.

    Dome Express

    Val d'Isere
    Does the FuniVAL qualify as a subway? Well, the 1 km funicular transports passengers and is 80% underground. You decide.

    (not a sibway but mostly underground)
    Parc naturel régional de Chartreuse Découverte des sites historiques


    SkiExpress (Glacier subway, all underground)


  • Genoa funicular Zecca-Righi is 1.4 km with 5 stops, one of which is underground.
  • Michel Azima has done an excellent photoessay on the Zecca-Righi line, full of interesting details.


    Saas Fee

  • Saas-Fee The Pearl of the Alps  - A short funicular metro in the Saas-Fee ski resort. Very little about the metro.
  • Another Saas-Fe page
  • Here is a map of the Alpine metro
  • Michel's Saas Fe page
    This stolen from an Alpine Metro page:
    In order to provide access to the glacier area around the Mittelallalin, a completely underground funicular railway was constructed from Felskinn as an extension of the existing Saas-Fee - Felskinn cableway. This high-mountain underground railway, a world first of its kind, was constructed trough a sloping tunnel at an altitude from 3000 to 3500 m (9840 to 11480 ft.) Using a modern heading and cutting machine, the tunnel was cut in 18 months. The Metro Alpin consists of a 1475 m (4838 ft) long sloping tunnel of 4,2 m (16 ft) diameter, the 150 m (492 ft) long access tunnel to the valley station, the half-way station with a 25 m (82 ft) long entrance tunnel from the Hohlaub glacier and the mountain station with the driving machinery for the funicular railway. The Metro Alpin is independent of the weather and correspondingly safe. The preservation of the natural surroundings and the high environmental substainability and the main advantages in addition to the large transportation capacity and the reliable operation in summer und winter.

    St. Gallen
    Mühlegg Bahn (Glacier subway)


    Sunnegga Express


    2 mile funicular subway with two stations

    Cave Underground Funiculars (Tourist)

    Grottes des Demoiselles
    Michel Azema's Funiculars In French Caves
    New Athos, Georgia