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Tbilisi's metro opened in 1966. Currently, Line one consists of 21 km and 16 stations. Line 2 is 7.5 km with 6 stations. The system is run by the Upravlenie Passajirskogo Transporta and is mostly underground, with the exception of Didube and Elektrodepo stations on Line 1. The Tbilisi metro is known for it's widespread petty theft, grenades and occasional Jehovah's Witnesses. But, who knows?

October 9, 1997, a former policeman blew himself up with a homemade bomb at the station. No one was injured, and in order to passify commuters, free burgers were offered.

cover Using the Tbilisi metro
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Light Rail

A modern 14 km light rail line is expected to begin construction in mid 2012.


Tram Photos
thanks to Dave Spencer
Excellent photo tour of stations from Peter Donn

Tbili's tramway opened in1883 and consists of 53.9 km. In 2004, due to financial problems, Tbilisi killed it's tram lines with the exception of one from Avchala to Saraijshvili.. All will be
replaced with trolleybuses, with the more than century old rail and the rolling stock sold for scrap.

In 2010,
an agreement with Systra to construct a 15 km tram line to the University indicated a 2014 opening, along with the possibility of several additional lines serving the former Central station and the airport. An odd and mysterious note: Systra engineer Stephan Cohen was murdered in his hotel room while in Tbilis