light rail subway

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Type LRT in subway
Stations 13
Lines 1
Length In Subway 4 miles
Length Topside 3.67 miles
Total Length 7.67 miles
Year Built 1989
Address Bochum-Gelsenkirchener Strassenbahnen AG 
Universitatsstrasse 50/54, Postfach 100349 
4930 Bochum 1, Germany
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Comments Bochum's LRT is part of the Rhein-Ruhr VB (VRR), a network of transit authorities for towns in the Rhein Ruhr Valley. As of 1/1/98, the 102 year old transit authority  had a 17 flavours of rolling stock in it's LRT system totalling 145 vehicles

Images Scanned from Bogestra brochures

Siemens low floor Type NF6D has a top speed of 70 kmh.

The NF6D Motor

Siemens B80D is used on Bochum's U35 line, the subway. It has a top speed of 80 kph and opened in 1989, with 34.3 km and 13 stations.

  Zeche Constantin station on line U35

Bochum's general streetcar system (other than the U35 subway line) consists of 173.2 kilometers of track.

  the OPNV