Greece is just on the edge of it's light rail renaissance,  but it does appear to be coming.  There are light rail plans for Piraeus, Kalamata, Crete and Patras. Athens, with one of the world's oldest subways, has upgraded it's system to a modern, 3 line metro, and it's first two light rail lines opened in 2004.

Honourable mention department: The 22 km narrow gauge railway between Kalavrita to Diakopto greatly resembles a tramway. No subway, though.

Another old line, once part of the Peloponese Railways,  runs DMUs from
Kalambaka to Volos to Paleofarsalos. It runs only occasionally and is operated by railfans.

In Loutraki, this meter gauge line runs through the village streets like a streetcar.

Greek light rail conference May 2003
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