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Mines, Mills and Metros

This full featured tape highlights the extensive network of country trolley and light metro routes once operated by the Belgian Vicinal in the area of Charleroi. This system was popular among American trolley fans because of it's incredible variety in operations and right-of-way, and it's strong resemblance to some of the longest lived interurbans of Pennsylvania: the West Penn and the Lehigh Valley Transit. Our ride on the 66 mile network of six routes in September, 1984 is like a trip back in time to Western Pennsylvania in the 1950's.

Since the taping of this feature, two thirds of the trackage shown has closed. Although you can still ride the new articulated LRV's through the tunnels, over the viaducts and along the private right of way of the new light Metro, this video is the only way to see the pre-war cars rumble along single track through the narrow streets of old coal and steel towns, past abandoned mines and closed mills on roadside reservation, or across fields and along canals on private right of way.

Shot in full colour, 90 minutes. Some sound track, no narration.

$ 49.95