The Budapest Metro

September 2000

A few interesting details about this metro: Many if not all of the drivers are women. Though old and infested with gypsies, the metro is relatively crime free. Beware the escalators. They go much faster than most American subway escalators, and are deep and steep, too. Trains run frequently, about every 4 or 5 minutes, and they are timed so trains from both directions arrive in a station simultaneously.

There are currently three lines, with another under construction and due to open in 2013. The cars are standard issue Moscow units, all very old. Line 1, the Földalatti ("underground"), was the European continent's first subway and is completely underground. Lines 2 and 3 are almost completely underground, with the last two stations on each line being at street level. All 3 lines meet at Deák Ferenc Tér in the city of Pest.

If you ride the metro, look for the large 'M' as the stations aren't well marked.

  Line 1 (the Földalatti)

  Lines 2 and 3

Ride on first four stations of new M4