Metro, planned monorail

Known as the Namma Metro, our "our Metro", it can be distinguished from their metro, my metro, or his metro. There is much criticism of the metro being unfriendly toward it's customers. With features like pay to pee, no park and rides, and a fine if you stay in the system longer than two hours, customers are indeed feling like it is their metro.

Line 1 opened in Septemberl 2011. Since then, two more sections have opened, including three underground stations in April 2016, bringing the total mileage to 18.6 km. When completed, the 96 km system will have 4 lines and 87 stations. It is run by the
Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation.


February 2004, a 2 line, 33 km system, including 6.7 km underground section, was authorized by a planning commission panel. In 2005, tenders for the line began flowing in. In March, 2005, the BMRTL opened its Official Home Page . Construction on the first 23.7 km Green line began in June 2006.

Wanna be friends with the Bangalore metro? Catch it on twitter or
Facebook. (Children under 10 are encouraged to apply.) The Banaglore Nama Metro has even  made it to youtube. 

Some people don't want to be friends with the Bangalore metro because they are busy singing  the
Bangalore metro blues. Residents with homes and businesses scheduled for demolition claim they are being removed from their property and held at the police station while their real estate is demolished without any paperwork. The head of metro responded that you can't make an omlette without breaking a few heads - er eggs.

Former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda (Express file photo)
India's former prime minister, who also claims to be an engineer, is very unhappy with this "not a metro". He claims that poor design, from rolling stock to elevated columns to the route, makes it somethingelse but not what they wanted. he was also unhappy with the costs, which were not shared approproately. Perhaps the explosion of metros in India has more to do with greased palms than greased wheels for the public.

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The Bengaluru Namma Metro also has the power to split in two, allowing a disenchanted driver to "ditch" the passengers when they become too annoying.