Calcutta (Kolkatta)
subway, tramway, proposed monorail

The one and only 23 station, 25.4 km line on the Kolkata Metro is mostly underground, with six stations in the sunlight. Due to
difficult tunneling conditions, the line, which opened in 1984, took more than two decades to build. The metro has the alleged dubious distinction of the only metro dug by hand.  It is unknown if the construction people also used spoons.

A four station, 5.89 km extension to Line 1
opened in 2009, with another 2.89 km and two stations opened in 2010.

There are four new lines under construction:

Line 2 is a 14.6 km, 12 station 
East-West Metro. It received approval in September 2003 and began construction in 2009.  The new metro will feature almost 9 km in subway with the remainder elevated. A tunnel under to Hooghly River (Eng. Ugly River), the first underwater metro in India. Unlike the rest of the Kolkata metro system, the east-west line will be run by the government of West Bengal and wlil have a narrower track gague than the other lines in the metro system. The first section is expected to open in 2015.

Line 3, also called the Bagh Metro because it serves the Bagh District in central Kolkata, which is famous for it's many "Bagh Ladies". The 16.7 km line will have 13 stations and is now in the early construction process.

Also uder construction is Line 4, an 18.5 km, 9 station metro connecting Kolkata with it's airport, and Line 6, a 32 km 13 station line connecting the suburb of New Garia with the airport.

Metro Railway also runs a circular, electrified commuter rail line opened in 2003.


Calming music is played
in the metro to avoid the 59 attempted suicides since the metro's opening. Baggage scanners were installed in 2012 to foil the attempts of those pesky you-know-whos. In 2012, new rolling stock with air conditioning was added, though I have no idea why.

40 km light rail line was in the late planning stages but as of 2013 has still yet to begin. The first 20 km of a two line, 72 km monorail system has been approved but is yet to begin construction.

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Calcutta Tramway Co., which claims to be in it's third century (!), has 65 km of double track, with 25 km of exclusive right of way. However, according to this site, the first tram opened in 1873. Electric Traction was introduced in 1899.

At one time,
CTC drivers were sent for psych evaluations to determine whether or not they were accident prone.

LRT subway for Kolkatta has been proposed; however, the system may simply be converted from old-fashioned tramway to modern light rail, complete with extensions totaling 97.5 km.

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