Surakarta (Solo)

To date, Indonesia has one small operating monorail and a diesel railbus which opened in July 2011.

A memo of understanding for a 27 km starter monorail line was signed in April 2004. In 2008,
the project was abandoned. Out of courtesy, monorail pylons were left along the streets as a gentle reminder of what happens when greedy politicians don't know how much to steal. Sadly, even this monument to inefficient government was unable to survive when in April 2008, the monorail pylons disappeared, possibly into another dimension.

The above monorail pylons are some of the ones which, according to a transit official, disappeared one night. A crack team is investigating the disappearance, and the usual suspects are being rounded up for questioning.

In 2010, officials claim that the Jakarta Mass Rapid Railway, the long talked about subway system,  
will begin construction no later than 2010, assuming the tunnel boring machine does not mysteriously disappear. The 12 station starter line will run 14.3 km, 2.5 of which will be underground.

Jakarta commuter lines are multitalented, with the ability to turn into boats and bicycles during inclement weather.

Another Jakarta electric commuter railway resembles New York City's 7 train, only with fewer passengers.

Plans for light rail in
Jabotek and a subway in Surabaya have been nothing but transpurbation.*

electrc railway pics
Indonesian Rapid Transit
Official Home Page of the jakarta Metro

* transpurbation - the equivalent of masturbation for urban planners; ready to lay the tracks but possessing no real estate in which to drive their spikes as in Jakarta. Transpurbation often results in an O-Bahn, which is not the same as rail but is cheaper and nets a similar effect.