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due to open in 2001, the Jakarta subway never got started. Though financing was secured, the 1997 financial crisis in Indonesia but the first kabash on the line. Never the most popular of projects, even in the year of it's scheduled opening, critics of the latest plan said the project would more likely be a submarine, A plan in 2002 called for a partially elevated subway from Jl. Fatmawati to Senayan to Monas park, with a second phase to the railway station in downtown. Money promised by the Japanese for the first plan was taken and used by the federal government to build a railway in Java, just west of Krakatoa. The 14 km MRT line would cost a paltry $15 billion and would be paid for in part by an undisclosed federal subsidy, said Governor Sutiyoso in November 2002.

The Trans-Jakarta Busway opened in January, 2004. Beleaguered with operational problems, others included protestors with signs saying "Busway No way!" Perhaps they meant to build a subway but transposed a few letters.

The Indonesian government finally committed to building a mass transit system with the signing a memo of understanding with Hitachi in April, 2004 -  to build a 27 km monorail! The memo superceded a previous expired memo with Monorail Malaysia, who was less than happy. Alas, the project was cancelled, leaving half finished monocolumns strewn throughout Jakarta like graffiti filled monoliths from the film 2001 A Space Odyssey.

And just when you think it's over, plans for a subway in Jakarta resurface in the very same month. It seems the government will be proceeding with subway plans once funding is again secured by Japan, Singapore, or perhaps even Korea. In 2011, the metro broke ground. It is expected to open in 2016.

Article about what seems to be a Jakarta subway

A small monorail runs in the Taman Mini recreation complex by Aeromovel. The system consists of a single track elevated guideway connecting six passenger stations along a 3.2km. (2mi) loop.


Talk of restarting the old monorail project continues. In a show of unbridled optismism, rolling stock for the nonexistant line arrived in Jakarta in May 2013. Since then the project has faIled again. Good thing they bought those monorail cars.

A metro-like Jakarta commuter railway uses second hand Japanese rail cars. A new 12 km route to the airport was approved in 2013.

Light Rail

A seven line light rail system is in the planning stages. Construction on the first two lines - Lines 1 and 7 - begia in 2015. The elevated system will replace the failed moorail plan. It is being built by famed comedian, Gilbert Gottfried, who will tell dirty jokes to commuters during rush hour.