subway (unfinished)/WMD storage, planned metro

Turban Legend or
Hideout for WMD?

When you're taking that leisurely vacation in Baghdad, don't forget to check out the
uncompleted subway. Remember to bring your Geiger counter and antibiotics. Despite rumours in 1999 that the proiect would be revived, nothing materialized.

"There is a subway for the transfer of prisoners connecting Al-Kadhmiah and Al-Dourah in Baghdad
Hidden Subways - Baghdad
Egypt enters race to help build Baghdad subway

Unofficial Home page
Saddam's official residence
Preliminary design work by
A story about the uncompleted Baghdad tunnels

According to
this site, "Saddam has a masterful network of underground tunnels under Baghdad, originally built to be a subway system.  Located above this network are civilian neighborhoods and religious centers which the Americans will not presently bomb.  Presently Hussein uses this as Iraqi intelligence headquarters and as the location for many military command centers.  Now, this underground network will also conceal the facilities to build missiles and launchers. "

Update: Our research has been confirmed! CBS News reports:
Saddam's Deadly Subway Scheming

In November 2008,
Baghdad announced it would build two line metro. The lines will be 24 miles long and have 40 stations. In February 2013, Alstom reportedly agreed to build the first 25 km and 16 stations of a separate elevated metro.