Once the tramways on the Emerald Isle were plentiful and magically delicious. Today, Ireland is bereft of any real urban transport systems, with Dublin the only city moving very slowly forward. Whether due to unpopular public support or prodding from the Little People, who all in Ireland know are big metro fans, Dublin is soon to have three urban rail systems. Other systems have been proposed in Galway , Athlone, Cork, and Belfast, Northern Ireland. There was a light rail plan for Limerick, and diesel light rail was the winner's pick. But they looked at the cost and the plan became lost so the LRT line just grew grimmer quick.

Up for a possible light rail system is Galway's
GLUAS, Gaelic for Glue yer ass on to a seat, man!

Honorable Mention Dept: No, it doesn't even come close to a subway! However, Antrim does feature the
Giants Causeway tramway. Opened in 1883, it closed in 1949 and reopened for tourist service in 2002. It is the world’s first commercially run 'hydro-electric' powered tram system  In Northern Ireland the diesel Causeway Tramway (below) near Bushmills has two stations and is more of a tourist tram than a transit system.

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