Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv
metro (under construction)

The subcommittee for important infrastructure plans
approved the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Light Railway Red Line. The line will be completely underground in the 7.5 km from Manshieh, through Ramat Gan, to the border of Bnei Brak. 32 stops are planned, 11 of which are in subway. The 22 km line will be more of a metro that a light rail line, and will be the first of four lines. While the orignal expected completion date was 2009, with construction starting in 2006, ,we all know how that turned out. In 2010, a few utilities were moved in preparation for tunneling but no real construction began.  Even the subway's web site wasn't been updated for quite some time. However, construction was expected to begin any day. Just not on days ending in a 'Y'.

In May 2010, the franchise to Africa Israel was
cancelled. Alternatives were considered, the winning one being a government financed option.. In August 2011, real construction on the Tel Aviv Red Line began in earnest.

Strangely, although Tel Aviv as of yet has no subway,
it does have subway stations under the Shalom Meir Tower and HaNeviyim Tower, which were built in anticipation of a future system. According to another source, "The foundations were built in such a way that a subway could pass under the building and maybe a station could be built."

Construction on the Tel Aviv Red Line Portal

Tel Aviv also features a small foot metro, which runs much like Fred Flintstone's car, but without the car.

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