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Hiroshima is on the ocean in southern Honshu. The Hiroshima Electric Railway Co., or "Hiro-Den", runs 18.8 km of 7 conventional tram lines, and a 16.1 km modern LRT between Nishi-Hiroshima and the Hiroden-Miyajima terminus which uses low floor Seimens units. The LRT, known as the "Green Mover", has only 4 runs per day. In order to compensate for the few trips and rider complaints, GPS units were installed in the cars. When a rider wants to locate the closest tram, he/she simply pings the tram car over the internet, getting a visual representation of the tram's location. Between Nishi-Hiroshima and Hiroshima is the "Ctiy Line". Other tram lines include the "Ujina Line", the "Yokogawa-Line", and the "Eba-Line".

The 21 station 18.4 km metro, known as
Astram, or the Hiroshima Rapid Transit System No. 1, connects Hiroshima with it's northern suburbs. Opened in 1994, it is run by the Hiroshima Rapid Railway Company. Two of the stations and a 1.9 km section in downtown Hiroshima are underground.  Two additional lines, both with underground sections, are in the planning stages.

And finally, a 1.3 km
"Skyrail" - a sort of monorail-gondola hybrid - was completed in 1999, and connects  Midori-guchi at the Seno JR station, with the new Midorizaka development.

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    A few more photos courtesy of Osamu Abe