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Subway: Chikatetsu


About Japan and Miscellaneous Links

Japan is to railfans what porno theatres are to Pee Wee Herman. Due to a large number of overlapping conurbations and a variety of urban electric railways, lines of definition become blurred, not only as to mode of urban rail transport but to the areas which they serve. So when definitions become too general,  we tighten up the stops. Here's a small taste of what you can expect in this steel paradise.

Japan Tramway Society
Japanese Railway Society
Railfan Japan - fire up the coffee pot and make sure it's full!
Hisakyu's Railway Guide - a station by station guide to Japan's railways
Shinaidensha by Masahiro Yamamoto
ICHIBAN, by Nozomu Takayama, with some nice photos
CG,illustration(railway) by Yasuji Iwabuchi, in japanese only
Japanese Street Cars and mini Railways
Masahiro Murakami's Iyotetsu page
Skyscraper City Japan Urban Transit Thread - Simply Amazing
Ikkoh world
Japanese Trains - a great page with lotsa links and traction photos
Kyushu Railway Company - Official Homepage of JR Kyushu
Hankyu Railways - Official Homepage of the Hankyu Line
Keisei Railways - Official Homepage of the Keisei Railway Company.
Odakyu Electric Railway - Odakyu Railway Homepage
Keikyu Railroad Fan - Unofficial Keikyu Homepage with many photos of the rolling stock.
Nagoya Railroad "Meitetsu" - Railroad Company in Nagoya
Japanese Streetcars
Aono's Railway Photo Gallery. Don't miss it. Covers streetcars in Hakodate City,  Toyohashi City, Gifu City, Toyama, Takaoka,  Kyoto, Osaka,  Okayama,  Hiroshima, Matsuyama, Kochi, Kyushu, Kumamoto, Nagasaki City and Kagoshima City  Also images of many local railways, the last interurbans.
Tram Theatre
Nishi Nippon Railway Co.
Private Railways in Japan
AONO's Railway Photo Gallery - infrequently updated, includes subway and tram photos
FH Hamada's
Monorails of Japan
Tramways of Japan
Following the blinking trams, and please try not to throw up. arigato.
Wikipedia List of Japanese Railways

Kashima Line 
Ibarigin Kotsu Line
Kinki Hihon Railway