light rail planned

Since the 1990s, there have been plans for a metro or light rail line between Amman and Zarqa City. Plans seem to now be moving ahead as the Jordanian government
invites bids for a 25 km line that would run on the existing Hedjaz railway alignment.  The line's proposed opening date is 2008.  Among the invited bidders are Alstom, Bombardier and Aladdin.  A more recent report says a commuter line between the two cities is about to break ground. Then, in June 2005, the news was announced - Amman was to to build a 26 km light rail line.

Fast forward to 2009: The Amman Zarqa light railway project was 
back on track and scheduled for completion in 2012. Tenders were out again, with the previous contract cancelled due to legal reasons. In April 2010, the winner of the 28 km light rail line was announced as Egis. And not to be outdone by the rest of the middle east, Amman announced plans for a metro in July 2009. Then, in 2010, an article appeared describing part of Egis' responsibility as evaluating whether the line should be light rail or full metro. For now, the project is little more than a hookah dream. Either way, part of the line will be in subway.

Fast forward again to 2015, where a prefeasability study was announced for a 32 km tram train connecting the city with it's airport.  A pre study to the prefeasability study is also being considered, but officials are questioning if the study wll be feasable, and may open up a committee to discuss the possibility of a prestudy to the prestudy, depending on further examination.

Plans for a subway?
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