planned light rail

The Luxembourg tram was expected to be completed in 2002. Since then, plans have changed for the Mouse that Roared. As of January, 2003, a 14 km line is planned with completion circa 2006. In January 2004,  a 15 km line between the 'European' district of Kirchberg, northeast of the city, to Dommeldange and Gare Central was approved. It is expected to open in 2007 and use Saarbrücken style trams.

Here we are in 2008 and still no light rail! But there is hope: Officials have approved a 13 station line from the central city to Kirchberg which could open as early as 2015. The apparent delay was due to a political disagreement over the tram's alignment. This is the first known incident ever of such a disagreement holding up tram construction. Not.

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