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Kuala Lumpur, meaning
"muddy confluence", is home to nearly 2 million souls. You may notice their flag is familiar. Here's why.

Previously run by three separate authorities, Kuala Lumpur's 3 distinctly different metro systems are in the process of
merging into one authority. All three systems consists of:



PUTRA* (Projek Usahasama Transit Ringan Automatik), which encourages all it's passengers to ride with joy, operates the 27 km long Ampang Line, an automated LRT which looks more like a hybrid light metro. Beginning revenue service in 1998, the city's subway section opened in 1999. PUTRA claims to be the world's longest, fully automated LRT. Each of the vehicles used are powered by two linear induction electric motors, which keep noise levels to a minimum. The vast majority of the system is above ground, with 4.4 km and 5 stations in tunnel, 19 elevated and one at grade station which opened in 2010.. A 17.7 km extension is under construction and will open sometime in 2015 or 2016.

When visiting PUTRA's site, be sure to take the
train ride. I found it much cheaper than an airline ticket to Malaysia or a citation for spitting.


STAR (Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan) began revenue service in 1996. The 27 km, 25 station system is driver operated and consists of the Ampang line and the Sri Petaling line. 17.6 km of the 25 km route are at grade, the remaining 9.6 km elevated. STAR has been reported as a
dismal ridership failure by McLeong's engineering site done shortly after phase one of the line's opening. You can also catch a glimpse of the STAR metro in the last scene of a Sean Connery-Catherine Zeta Jones movie.

Several extensions totaling 1 km are planned for the Putra and Ampang lines, as well as a new heavy rail project.


Kuala Lumpur Monorail is an 8.6 km long, 11 station line which runs from the bus terminal in the north, through the central city, to KL Sentral (a massive community-business complex centered around the railway station). The line opened for revenue service in August 2003.

The metro area is also served by
KTM commuter trains and the 57 km high speed Express Rail Link to the airport opened in 2003.

In 2011, the MY Rapid Transit project became official. The first of the three lines will be a 51 km, 31 station partially underground metro.  The line is known as the Klang Valley Transit Project, after the trolleys that klanged through the area. The line is currently under construction and is scehduled to open in 2017.

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* Land, or "soil", in Malay.