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planned subway for the Moroccan capital is still in limbo. As of 1998, plans were being tendered for the 11 km line with a large consortium of companies and funded by Canada. It looked like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. According to Systra, which did the preliminary studies, on
10/13/98, the system was ready to begin it's preliminary engineering stages. 
According to a 2001 article, the project was not dead, it just smelled funny. To date, however, the only subway in Casablanca is a pedestrian one. Here's looking at you, Systra.

Construction of the first of four light rail lines began in 2010 . The line opened in December 2012.  
The first line is 31 km long, the beginning of a 76 km network. Though the trains are termed light rail, the modern line appears to be more of a tram system, at least by Western definition.

Construction on a 15 km long Line 2, and a 2 km extension to Line 1 is scheduled to begin in May 2016 for a 2019 opening.

A regional network named for Paris's RER is also under construction with plans to open in 2014. The first Line is expected to cover 63 km including 10 km in subway. The new underground section will be part of the existing Al Bidaoui 32 km line which opened in 2002.

Rendered RER image from Ansaldo Breda

Tram projects seem to be faring better in Morocco. There are plans to install trams in
Fez, Tangier, Meknes and Agadir. Marrakesh has active plans to install an interurban, though whether ir not it will be known as the Marrakesh Express is unknown.

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