The Netherlands

Type Full Metro
Stations 24
Lines 4 (including LRT)
Length In Subway 3.5 km
Length Topside
Total Length 10.3 miles
Year Built 1977
Address GVB 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Tel: 020 - 5514 911
Comments The line from Amstelveen Poortwachter - Centraal Station is actually an LRT line. 
A new line is scheduled to open in June 1997. Projects in the works are the North-South Metro project and  the IJtram along the south bank of the IJ river. Neither has begun construction yet. The GVB will order new trams this year, in which there is also the order for the trams of the IJ-tram. The metro line will be very deep, at least 25 m, underneath roads.
The Zuidtangent is an LRT underconstrauction which will run along the southern section of Amsterdam, connecting Haarlem with Uithoorn via the airport at Schipol.


proposed LRT

LRT under construction

LRT under construction

  • Photos of the new Midnet trams between Utrecht and Nieuwegein,
    courtesy of Frans Faase, whose site is under construction.

    Utrecht (Nieuwegein)
    Images from the ERS
    Great new page with photos from Frans Faase