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Line 50's updated rolling stock en route to Gein, affectionately named for serial killer Ed Gein.

Metro and Light Rail

Amsterdam's metro covers 81.2 km and carries over 83,000 people per day. It consists of three 37.5 km heavy rail lines. the first of which opened in 1977, and one light rail line, or Snelltram. The Sneltram operates Line 51 of the metro, and uses rolling stock that look like hybrid light rail metro cars. The line is shared at points by Amsterdam's tram line 5.

The North-South line is currently under construction and is expected to go in a northerly direction when facing up. Due to
political and technical setbacks, this will be the most expensive metro ever built. An extension to the airport is in the early planning stages,

Also of possible interest is the
Ijberg metro project known as the IJ Tram Expressway, or Line 26, which opened in 2005. Eventually the line was built as light rail, but not before subway tunnels were dug in the central city. The tunnels remain abandonded, though there are plans to turn them into a chocolate factory, which as everyone knows must be built underground in order to protect the public from the volatile chemicals used in the chocolate making process.

Two additional metro projects are also under consideration, including a RegioMetro project and a 20 km five station line between South Amsterdam and Ijmeer Lake, where the exacavated materiel would be used to build a new island north of Pampus. It would also include the first ever Ride N Sail station..

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Amsterdam's trams have 80.5 km of track and 16 lines.  It's first electric tram began service in 1900. The system runs on a mixture of street running and private right of way.

As many know, Amsterdam's transit mall is free of cars and is
never plagued with obstructing drunks in funny hats.

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